Are you a victim of your childhood?

Growing up to be a mature and responsible adult requires making peace with your childhood.

As children, we were at the mercy of the adults in our lives. The way we feel about ourselves comes from how they treat us.

Our parents may have had the best of intentions, but unfortunately they could not act in the most appropriate ways.

In the process of raising us, they made mistakes and some of their mistakes scar our minds forever.

The way they treated you as a child does affect how you feel about yourself as an adult. But the moment you realize how baseless and untrue all those ideas were, you allow yourself to see things differently and become a new person altogether. You become a responsible and mature adult.

Here’s the poem I’d like to share with you today.

You are a victim of your childhood, believe it or not.
You still crave the love and attention you never got.

You feel you’re not good enough,
No matter what you do;
You will end up all by yourself,
Because nobody really loved you.

You run after people
Whether you like it or not,
You still crave the love
And attention you never got.

The story you believed as a child,
Was never really true.
The world was never the enemy,
It just appeared that way to you.

You can grow up and take charge,
Believe it or not.
You’re not a victim of your childhood,
If you decide you’re not.

Kushal Pahuja

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