Educating Indian Parents and Politicians

In our country, two of the most important jobs require no qualification or training, one of parents and the other of politicians.

It’s widely believed that to become a politician, you need influence, vast amounts of money, manpower, and a lot of greed or passion. We can only have two types of politicians; those driven by greed and those driven by passion. Here, passion is the desire to bring about a positive change in society.

And you need public speaking skills to convince the people you’re working for them.

Most of the people enter politics to make money and serve their own family, their people and have their personal agendas. They don’t do it for the country.

The general perception about politicians is that they are mostly uneducated, corrupt, power-hungry and don’t do their jobs properly. They are cursed and criticized everywhere.

That’s not without a reason. The gain in the wealth of people who become ministers is the proof. 

But to bring about a positive and lasting change, we need politicians who are both skilled and passionate. Anything less than that and the country suffers.

In a diverse and huge country like ours, we need political leaders with a mature outlook, people who are evolved, people who have a scientific temper. We need politicians with critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

We need people who can challenge their own mindset and old belief patterns. People who are compassionate. They need to have a heart too.

How about a mandatory course that educates and trains them in each of these skills or an internship for those who wish to enter the political system? 

Don’t we deserve to know whether the people who ask for our votes are even suitable for the job they are applying for?

Also, we need a system of feedback and assessment. People who vote for them must be able to rate their work from time to time. 

Parenting is the most important job on earth.

Becoming a parent means more than just giving birth and providing for the child.

Parents are the early caregivers, and that makes them the most influential people in the child’s life. They determine the child’s belief system and personality to a great extent. The relationship that a child shares with parents shapes all the future relationships that the child forms.

There are no words that can fully describe the impact parents have on the child.

And yet parents don’t educate themselves in child psychology. It’s taken for granted that becoming a parent is enough. That the love they feel for the child is all that it takes to raise them. Just because they are the parents, they will know how to look after the child. 

The role of parents is a constantly evolving one.

As children grow, parents need to alter how they see and treat their children. The way you treat them at 16 has to be different from the way you treated them at 12.   

Parents have more power because they are adults and experienced. They can make or break the child’s spirit. They need to realize how their words and actions shape their child’s mind. Most of the time they don’t realize it. They need to learn how to communicate with their children. That’s why there is a need for guidance from a specialist or a parenting coach.

Both parents and politicians need to stop believing they know it all.

It doesn’t matter what religion they follow or what language they speak, people everywhere want to live peacefully. 

They want safety, clean water to drink, a clean environment, safe roads, unbroken power supply, affordable education for their children, employment opportunities for the youth. 

Politicians are human beings with similar needs. Why is it difficult for some to understand that?

They need to strive to solve the problems in the country throughout their lives and eventually, when the time comes, step down and guide the next generation.

Why do they want to stick to their chairs? How about having a training institute where they can guide the next generation of political leaders?

Parents need to understand children are separate individuals. They need to help children identify their strengths, their interests. They must focus on making the child independent and hence treat them like that from an early age. 

Children need not be pampered so much. While they’re young, they need to be given certain responsibilities. Children need to know that if they want something, they need to work for it. It will not be served on a silver platter. 

It takes work to do all of this while loving children unconditionally.

And finally

Parenting shouldn’t be about parents but the child and politics shouldn’t be about the politicians but the country. When it becomes about them, things go wrong.

Whenever politicians and parents make things personal, whenever they see their own interests first, they fail. They can’t do their job. 

Both jobs require passion and patience. These are not for the indifferent and the self-centered. They must be selfless; willing to forsake personal desires that may prove harmful in the long run. 

Parents must understand they don’t own their children, and politicians need to understand that they don’t own the country. 

Our country needs a lot of work in all sectors. We are still developing and not developed as yet. And for that we need efficient politicians and conscious parents. 

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Kushal Pahuja 


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