Not gadgets but flowers and the stars.

We suffer because we forget we are natural beings. We act like machines when we don’t act consciously. We let the external world take over our thoughts and determine our actions. It’s time we realise our power.

The same nature that created the beautiful flowers and the sun and the moon, created us too. How can anyone of us be anything less than beautiful?

If you’re reading this, take this as a reminder that you are loved. That you are already special the way you are. You don’t have to achieve something just to feel special.

Now, enjoy the poem.

Let’s not forget we are natural beings;
Nature has created us all.
We may be different from one another,
But we are not against each other.

We are not like cars or gadgets; We are like trees and flowers.
Our light is not superficial,
It’s as real as the stars.

Love is inbuilt in us,
We are naturally compassionate;
It’s very much in our power to love
And not give in to hate.

It’s true that we make mistakes
And we are not always right;
But we can all learn and grow
And be better if we decide.

Let’s always remember we are natural beings,
We are as real as the sun;
We may be different from one another,
But the truth is we are one.

Feel something?

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Kushal Pahuja

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