I am not here to complete another.

I was happy when you came,

Ecstatic when you stayed;

Sad when you were upset,

Devastated when you left!

I was so much into you,

I surrendered myself completely;

I loved you like crazy,

You were everything to me.

Now that you’re gone,

I realized I was wrong;

I gave you the place you didn’t deserve;

A place I should have reserved for myself!

Thank you for hurting me;

Thank you for teaching me,

I don’t need anyone to make me happy;

That’s my job; my responsibility.

Loving someone is not my goal,

Making someone happy is not my duty;

I am not here to belong to someone;

I am not here to complete another.

I am here to figure out

The purpose of my life;

I am here to grow,

I am here to learn.

You did not hurt me;

My expectations did.

I’m glad it happened;

I forgive you, I forgive myself.

Kushal Pahuja

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